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Staehle maintains various partnerships with independent companies worldwide, cultivates the exchange of information and experiences with other leading specialists in the aerosol packaging sector. Staehle is additionally a member of the most important national and international trade associations. The goals in both: a further optimisation of standards within manufacturing – in respect of the quality of products and processes and as regards the impact on the environment.

About Us

G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG
Staehle Aerosol cans
Administration/Print plant
Mercedesstraße 15
70372 Stuttgart
Phone +49 711 95 44-5
Fax +49 711 95 44-899

G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG
Staehle Aerosol cans
Gottlieb-Daimlerstr. 4
67105 Schifferstadt
Phone +49 (0) 6235 4907 0
Fax +49(0) 6235 4907 249

Staehle Aerosols Poland
EWJAN Consulting
ul. 1 Sierpnia 6a, budynek C
02-672 Warsaw
Phone +48 32 608 6137
Fax +48 32 203 6833

Staehle Aerosols United Kingdom
Crown House
Warren Street
Lancashire FY7 6JU
UK Phone +44 (0) 1253 776 207
Fax +44 (0) 1253 776 206

Staehle Aerosols Skandinavia
Bergenlöv International Packaging AB
Stubbsundsvägen 17
SE 13141 Nacka
Phone +46 (0) 8 715 0230
Fax +46 (0) 8 642 3534

Quality and sustainability

Quality and sustainability are always a question of the system. This is why we not only have our products certified in accordance with international standards, but also our processes.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the globally recognised standard for the certification of quality management systems.

ISO 50001

With our energy management system in compliance with ISO 50001, we are continuously improving our energy performance, optimising our energy efficiency and thus optimising our energy balance.

ISO 14001

Environmental management according to ISO 14001 is a central component of corporate environmental protection.
This standard is a globally valid and frequently used standard in connection with environmental management.

About us
Guiding Principles
Customer Satisfaction

Our thinking and actions is geared to the needs and expectations of our customers. In our dialogue with them, we recognise their future requirements and needs and fulfil them with our products and services.


Continual innovations and improvements provide an vital contribution to the success of our customers – and are pre-requisites
for our own sustained success.


We treat people in a fair and respectful way. Our employees have the space in which they can develop themselves personally, expand their individual skills and take on responsibility. We strive to have long-term personal relationships with our customers, colleagues and other business partners, be cooperative and have an open communication.


We have a collective duty to protect the environment – and therefore to an eco-friendly handling of resources and material reusability. Our workplaces and products offer a high degree of safety for life, health and the environment. Through continual employee training we promote know-how and creativity within the company and therefore secure its continuance.


As a family-run business our actions orient themselves equally on the long-term development of the company and the sustained securing of jobs. Continual investments in accordance with solid business ethics also secure our locations in Germany in the future and therefore our ability to fulfil customer requirements in the best possible way with high-quality products and services. It strengthens our position in the market.

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